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Min. charge

Holes are configured with limited rebar, metal or other stuff in the material. to be drilled.
Max thickness for pricing is slab width, ie: 8".
2 inch core drill hole $45
3 inch core drill hole $50
4 inch core drill hole $65
5 inch core drill hole $75

Carolina Precision Core drill of Raleigh, NC.
We are a BlueFlag Services Company. Albemarle, NC
704-245-0119 office/mobile
List of Raleigh NC core drilling prices
$200 per project + hole price
6 inch hole $90
7 inch hole $140
8 inch hole $200
9 inch hole $250
10 inch hole $300
12 inch hole $375

Additional parameters for core drilling holes.
For sideways (horizontal) holes up to 71" off ground level $100.00
For higher than 5 foot off ground level please call:
Charlotte Core Drill